The perfect retrofit ventillation solution for optimum comfort and a healthy home.


Primocosy Characteristics

  • For houses with 1-6 bathrooms or toilets plus up to 7 other rooms
  • Equipped with two exhaust fans for extraction of stale and moisture-laden air from toilets, bathroom and kitchen.
  • A fan takes clean air from the outside and transfers it to the bedrooms and living areas after passing through the heat exchanger and filters.
  • The heat exchanger recovers up to 65% of heat from the extracted air and transfers it to the incoming fresh air.
  • Remote boost switch for the kitchen.



  • Quiet air flow.
  • No cold air enters the home as it is preheated.


  • The air is filtered therefore no dust, pollens and other particulate matter enters the home.


  • Recovery of up to 65% of heat in the home translates to savings on heating bills.


For a complete installation

Primocosy Dual Flow
Blowing Opening
Type PB 80 R
Roof Hat
Type CPR 125
Flexible Duct

Extract Openings

New Air Intake
Type ME 125
Box of New Air Supply
Type NEO CD ou CPI
Cordless Remote