Tatou Panel Heater - 2000 Watt

Tatou Panel Heater - 2000 Watt
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Atlantic brings you Tatou: your smart and stylish radiant heater.

Experience the best of both worlds — unsurpassed comfort with exceptional energy efficiency. Featuring the latest technological advances in intelligent motion, light and draft sensors, Tatou warms your space and your heart.

Ideal for 25-28 m2 sized rooms the Tatou Series Panel Heater features:

  • Motion Sensor
    When no motion is detected for over 30 minutes, Tatou responds by turning itself down by 2°C then automatically resets when motion is detected again.
  • Light Sensor
    Tatou responds when it's lights-out time. The heater automatically turns down by 2°C then resets when the lights are switched back on.
  • Draft Sensor
    When a rapid drop in temperature is detected, Tatou switches to standby then returns to heating automatically when air temperature stabilises.
  • Consumption Indicator
    Monitor Tatou energy use as you go — you'll like what you see.
  • Programmable
    Time to farewell timers and welcome Tatou's press of a button pre-set programs.



  • Digital temperature display
  • Energy consumption indicator
  • Inclusion of wall bracket
  • Three set programs options 24x7
  • Eco mode for ultra energy efficiency
  • Electronic thermostat sensors every 40 seconds to 1/10°C
  • 7 year warranty



  • Child-safe surface temperature
  • Lockable control panel
  • Asthma and allergy friendly with premium anti-dust process
  • Automated safety cut-off feature
  • Splash proof
  • Silent


You don't need to sacrifice energy efficiency for luxurious heating comfort. Tatou drives down energy consumption to breakthrough lows. Meet the new generation 'black body' radiant plate element — an exclusive Tatou feature that replaces the traditional finned electric element found on convection panel heaters. Tatou's 'black body' plate technology means only 80 watts per square metre of room area is recommended when sizing a heater. Compare this with the 100 watts per square metre recommended for traditional panel heaters.

Model Dimensions: Width 1060mm | Height 470mm | Depth 120mm

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